Tuesday, May 18, 2010


  1. shoot, shag or marry?
    I say shag the one on the left: I reckon she'd give you a wild night, she totally exudes sensuality. Marry the one in the middle (I know, he's the guy so why wouldn't I shoot him?) because I know my mother would approve haha and because I have a bad feeling about the minx to the right. There's something psychotic about her eyes/grin. I wouldn't trust her, so shoot. Et toi?

  2. Oh I like the way you think, I definitly agree on this. Although I'm not sure about the guy, he looks like he might pull his gun out during a domestic disagreement but I supose he would be our only option for marriage ah well. I love the woman on the left shes got a badass class about her, totally hot.
    I'm not going near that other lady..